Role of a Physician Associate

3rd August 2017

Physician associate is a healthcare professional who works under the direct supervision of doctors, GPs and surgeons and provides holistic medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team.

They work on variety of workplaces including all types of hospital and surgical care, GP practices and community health services and support doctors in the diagnosis and management of patients. As a physician associate, wherever you work, you will be in direct contact with patients.

For those who wish to work with patients but do not want to carry the responsibilities of a doctor, physician associate is a best career choice. They can perform minor surgical procedures but cannot prescribe any medications to patients.

Here are listed some of the role of a physician associate.

  • Take medical histories from patients
  • Accomplish physical examination of patients.
  • Perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Execute routine examinations of patients
  • Provide appropriate treatment and management plans
  • Provide advice of health promotion and disease prevention for patients.
  • Examine test results

The benefits of the role

Here are listed some benefits of becoming a Physician Associate.

  • Physician associate are paid well, approximately £31,000 as a starting salary.
  • The demand of the physician associate is increasing popular and it’s likely to be a better career prospects in the future.
  • You will be working in core areas of the hospitals in a patient-centered environment.
  • Many doctors, consultant and trainees move around the hospital on short rotation and cannot build good relation with their patients whereas you will have longer rotation and can establish a good relationship with your patients.
  • If you have difficulty getting into medical school, but still have strong science background and want to work in healthcare system then physician associate role could be the best option to work in a patient care.

Skills and Qualifications to Become Physician Associate

Generally, you do not need to complete a full medical degree but you must complete a science related first degree to get onto the training programmes. After that you will need to complete a 2-year postgraduate diploma, which includes 50% theory and 50% practical trainings.

If you are a registered healthcare professional such as Nurse, Midwife or Allied Health Professional then you can also apply to become a physician associate.

Apart from academic qualification, you need to be approachable and friendly with public, after all you will deal with large number of patients. You will also need to demonstrate your working experience with public, an interest in health and social care with an excellent communication skill.

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