NHS Improvement To Automatically Collect Winter Data From Trusts

2nd July 2017

From October 2017, NHS Improvement will automatically collect daily situation reports (SitRep) from all National Health Service (NHS) trusts in an effort to save around 45 minutes of manual work each day – and over 36,000 man hours each year.

NHS Improvement (NHSI) has developed an innovative, automated Data Collection System that will save the NHS thousands of hours each year. All trusts are being informed of the move in a letter by Adam Sewell-Jones, the executive director of NHS Improvement.

The new system is expected to help national organisations identify failures more effectively and provide more tailored help during winter. The system will also be used to populate an ‘emergency care dashboard’ designed to give trusts better understanding into how patients are flowing through their emergency departments, allowing them to put targeted plans in place to remove or reduce delays within the system.

NHSI and data solutions provider, Beautiful Information, has developed the new Data Collection System and has already implemented the system in over 40 trusts.

The main aim of the system is to automatically extract data from all trusts rather than require information teams to manually submit SitReps every day. The system works with all NHS applications and places a server on to systems that automatically ‘pulls’ data from databases, removing the need for hospitals to export and upload the data manually.

The chief executive of NHSI, Jim Mackey said they understand that manually uploading data places a large burden on trusts, and they wanted to develop something that reduces that burden, while also providing trusts with something in return.

He further added that the new system will provide trusts with up-to-date information about patient flow through A&E, to help them identify and make improvements to their systems. It will also help to provide targeted support to trusts during the winter period.

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