NHS England To Invest In Artificial Intelligence Over The Next 12 Months

20th September 2017

Speaking at the NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester, Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England said that National Health Service (NHS) England is to invest more in artificial intelligence over the next 12 months and will roll out new regional patient data scheme.

He said Artificial intelligence and ‘machine learning’ will be used in areas such as dermatology, radiology and pathology to ‘improve clinical care’ and to get through more time-consuming work than health professionals can.

NHS England's National Medical Director, Professor Bruce Keogh said that from number of studies they have found that AI is better than doctors at diagnosing certain conditions.

NHS England plans to invest more of its £120bn budget in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to speed up its application to medicine and the health care service, especially the task of analysing “huge swaths” of the information gathered from patients about their symptoms.

Announcing a further programme of work, Mr Stevens said NHS England would make strides in decreasing the price of deals done with big pharmaceutical companies, increase use of medical products identical or near identical to branded alternatives and undertake work to make use of the swathes of anonymised political data available to NHS managers.

The health secretary, Jeremy Hunt said that computers could be routinely diagnosing health conditions even before they display symptoms by the time the NHS turns 80 in 2028.

He further added that the changes in medical innovation are likely to transform humanity by as much in the next 25 years as the Internet has in the last 25 years.

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