New Guide Promotes Person-Centred Approaches In Healthcare

31st August 2017

A new framework to support person-centred approaches at the heart of the health and social care workforce has been launched by Health Education England (HEE), Skills for Care and Skills for Health.

The approach, as defined in the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) encourages people to speak with staff about what is important to them, helping to develop a shared understanding of what matters to them.

According to the Skills for Health, the new framework was created by drawing on the experience and information of experts in the sector, and is designed to take person-centred values and apply them to the current landscape. It is aimed to help health and social care workers put person-centred approaches into practice and to create continued behavioural change.

HEE Commissioned the new framework which helps staff members communicate meaningfully both verbally and non-verbally, tailoring the care and guidance they give to suit peoples’ needs. It helps individuals to better manage their own health and wellbeing through bespoke care, planning and support.

The Director of Education and Quality (North) for HEE, Ged Byrne said that they are pleased to work in association with Skills for Care and Skills for Health to develop the new framework to try and make it easier for the workforce to develop genuine partnerships with people and families.

He further added that the Person-Centred Approaches defined in new framework will help effectively plan, design and deliver care based on a person’s individual requirements, giving them assurance to take actions to improve their own health and welfare.

The Chief Executive of Skills for Health, John Rogers said that the health and social care sectors have an chance with the new framework to create more personalised services, where individuals are actively included in decisions regarding their treatment and care and the way that care is provided.

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