New Guidance For Community Pharmacies Claiming Quality Payments

8th October 2017

On 2nd October 2017, National Health Service (NHS) England has published new guidance for community pharmacies wishing to claim payments under the Quality Payments Scheme.

The new guidance should be read in conjunction with NHS England’s gateway criteria guidance issued in December last year and the quality criteria guidance issued in February 2017.

The Quality Payments Scheme aims to reward community pharmacies for improving the quality of care for patients by hitting a number of criteria centred on clinical effectiveness, safety and experience.

The criteria includes:

  • Updating NHS Choices information,
  • Becoming accredited ‘healthy living’ pharmacies
  • Pharmacy staff becoming Dementia Friends
  • Identifying high risk asthma patients and making referrals for asthma reviews
  • Supporting people starting to take a new medicine
  • Accessing electronic patient summary care records to support clinical care


The scheme was launched on 1st December 2016 and will run until 31st March 2018. Up to £75 million has been made available to community pharmacies in England qualifying for the Quality Payments scheme.

The declarations of payments must be made online via the NHS Business Services website, which will open on 13 November 2017 and close on 8 December 2017.

Dr Keith Ridge, the chief pharmaceutical officer said that the Quality payments support the continued integration of pharmacies into the wider NHS primary and urgent care system and motivate pharmacy professionals who practice in community pharmacies to make the most of their valuable clinical skills.

He welcome the excellent response from community pharmacy so far and advise people to visit their local pharmacy this winter if they need advice and help with their medicines or to manage winter illnesses.

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