New £13 Million Funding To Help Hospital A&Es Prepare For Coming Winter

13th September 2017

On 8th September 2017, the Health Minister Philip Dunne has announced that government will provide additional funding to 19 hospitals in England to support their emergency care services over the winter months. In total, £13m of winter funding will be sent to hospitals to prepare them for busy times ahead, bringing the total figure given since April to over £90m.

The funding will go towards help hospitals finalise preparations, particularly with handling large volumes of patients attending A&E in winter. The Investment in necessary equipment or infrastructure will allow hospitals to improve patient flow and relieve pressure on emergency departments.

The Minister of State for Health, Philip Dunne thanks NHS Staff for their hard work and dedication. He said the National Health Service put in place strong plans ahead of winter - ensuring patients continue to receive safe and efficient care as demand rises over the coming months.

He further added that the extra funding will give more hospitals the improvement they need to streamline patient flow in A&E, freeing up A&Es to care for the sickest patients and help to make sure that all patients get the right treatment in the right place as quickly as possible.

The extra funding comes after a number of key health organisations warned that the upcoming winter could be a difficult one for the NHS.

The chief executive of NHS Improvement, Jim Mackey, urged trusts to dedicate a “hard focus” to winter planning as many faced a tough financial period last year.

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