Millions of EU Nationals In Britain Face Needing a Special 'ID Card' To Stay After Brexit

29th June 2017

On 26th June 2017, the Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that all EU citizens who have lived in Britain for more than five years would be allowed to remain permanently with most of their current rights. They would have to apply to a “settled status” register and might be given a special ID card if they want to reside in the country after Brexit.

The new EU "settled status" residence document will essentially be an identity card backed up by an entry on a Home Office central database or register. It is still unclear whether the “settled status” would result in an ID card or simply be an entry in a Home Office database.

Britain’s Home Office issued a 15-page policy paper that secures the rights of European citizens living in the UK after its exit from the European Union. The policy paper sets out an online application process for the EU nationals in the UK to ensure they receive the same rights and benefits as non-EU nationals who have resided in the UK for 5 years.

The UK offer includes free access to health services, guarantees on UK pensions and the ability of settled EU nationals to continue to have social security benefits, such as child benefits continuing to be paid outside the UK. But there is a restriction that they would no longer have the right to bring in a spouse to live in Britain without meeting an £18,600 minimum income threshold.

Prime Minister said that Family dependents who join a qualifying EU citizen here before the UK’s exit from EU will be able to apply for settled status after 5 years. After UK exit from the European Union, EU citizens with settled status will be able to bring family members from overseas on the same terms as British citizens.

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