First Survey Of Pharmaceutical Workforce To Identify Education And Training Needs

9th August 2017

For the First time, the Health Education England (HEE) has launched a National Community Pharmacy Workforce Survey to look at training and development needs for pharmacists working in community pharmacies.

HEE is inviting around 11,500 community pharmacies to participate in the National survey. The survey is aimed to inform the commissioning of clinical education and the development of community pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and wider pharmacy staff.

The National Survey will also help with the creation of a significant programme of education and development currently being developed by HEE. The programme will include a prescribing qualification for clinical pharmacists in care homes, access to post-registration clinical pharmacy education and training, workforce development and clinical leadership development for pharmacy technicians.

The survey will be issued to 5,000 independent pharmacy premises across England. The Community pharmacy contractors will be invited by email to complete a questionnaire on the training, recruitment experiences and working patterns of community pharmacists. The survey will run until 31st September 2017.

The Director and Dean of Education and Quality HEE, Professor Elizabeth Hughes said that HEE’s work will support the workforce's transition to deliver a wider range of services for patients.

She further added that the survey will help to understand the scale and skill set of the community pharmacy workforce. She encourages pharmacies to participate and help to shape the future of the pharmacy workforce.

HEE might used the survey data to:

  • Support education investment decisions by HEE
  • Inform the commissioning of education and training for the larger primary health care team including community pharmacy
  • Support understanding of the capacity and capability of the workforce in the community pharmacy sector as part of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs).
  • Establish differences and shortages of skill mix in different areas and share good practice.

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