Few Tips For Creating Job Reference

27th August 2017

Your CV and interview are important parts of your job employment process. Reference check could be the final spot for your employers to finalize you for the job. Collecting a strong list of references will support in the final steps of getting your desired job.

You must provide accurate references to your employer who can communicate about your qualification and professional aspects.

Here are few tips for creating a reference list that can help you in your job recruitment.

Choose Cleverly

While creating a reference list, make sure those people you select can discuss about your abilities and experience you have which is related to the job you are pursuing for. Make a list of contacts those who can speak of your skills and professional aspects. In general, professional references are preferred than personal references.

Build Relationships with Your Referees

Ask for permission from your referees before adding their name on your list. It is important to have good contact with them. Make sure you give all of your referees a copy of your resume and the description of your applied job. Let your referees know when to expect a reference call and who may be calling. If your referees asked you to not keep some of their information, then you must respect their privacy.

Be Prepared

You must provide the correct contact details of your referees including information like their name, titles, business address, phone numbers, email addresses etc. Try to provide the references more than you are requested, in case if your hiring company could not get in touch with one of your referees. It is good to select the references who are currently in your online networks, whom you are in touch with. Mention your relationship with you referees like supervisor, mentors etc.

Number of References

The number of reference is not fixed. Generally, you should have three to four references and if you are looking for senior position, consider having five to seven references. Make sure you have listed your strongest reference at top of your list.

Format for References

You should make a list of your references on a separate page from other documents. The same fonts and format you used in your resume should be used in your reference.

When to Submit References

You should not submit your reference with your resume. It is better if you submit your reference when you are asked for. Take your references list with you at the interview where you can be requested for your references.

Express Your Gratitude

Express your gratitude for each of your referees for their assistance. Let them know about your outcomes in job search. And keep them up to date about your progress in the job. Sent a thank you letter even if your referees are not contacted by your hiring company.

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