Why Locum?

Permanent positions are more secure and liable, and though temporary jobs may seem undeserving but as many workers now a day face occupational burnout and on account of frequent leaves of the employees, locum jobs are blossoming throughout the NHS trusts and are regularly asked for.

Working as a locum has its own benefits and opportunities leaving aside the merits of permanent jobs like retirement, insurance, leave and sick pay.

Locum work allows you to experience and practice medicine in new environment at varying locations across the nation, with challenges for you to work and prove your worth as a medical practitioner. This way you can even transform your temporary career into permanent career at your location of interest where you can find your satisfaction.

Junior doctors can benefit from locum works. Locum works can enrich your medical experience and skills with practice in varied environments and you can grab the chance to get acquainted with the practice of medicine. Also, working as locum allows you to carefully choose your career path; allowing you to explore the various fields of specialties, providing time to know your interest and then choose the field of your expertise. Many locums have experienced locum tenure as a career-breakthrough point.

Locum jobs earn you higher pay rates. At times with right opportunity, you can receive even more attractive pay rates than permanent position placements. Harley Street provides opportunities of part-time and full-time locum jobs where we ensure that our locum candidates receive the best pay rates by contracts with our clients.

In addition, locums have benefit of flexible schedule meaning you can work at times and schedule of comfort. You will enjoy more independence and have less administrative roles to play. Locum duties bring about the opportunities of travel and relocation which gives you the perfect getaway from your everyday routine.

Therefore locum jobs can benefit you both professionally and personally. So, instead of saying, ‘why locum?’ join us and try locum. We offer you numerous attractive locum job options across the UK for some of the most trusted client names in NHS.