Supporting Information - Appraisal and Revalidation

11th April 2016

GMC licensed doctors will need to provide a portfolio of supporting information for their appraisals and revalidations. Those supporting information will show how their practice are meeting the professional standards set out in Good medical practice. Appraiser and responsible officer will check for how doctors think about what their supporting information says about their practice and how they are planning to develop or modify their practice for a better result.

According to the GMC, doctors must at least collect six types of supporting information during the 5 years. Each year a doctor must provide supporting information along with their appraisal and discuss it with the appraiser. Later, those supporting information must be obtainable while applying for your revalidation.

The six types of supporting information are:

  1. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  2. Significant Events
  3. Quality Improvement Activity
  4. Feedback from Patients
  5. Feedback from Colleagues
  6. Review of Complaints and Compliments

You can find GMC guidance for supporting information for appraisal and revalidation on GMC website. This guidance will help you understand the supporting information you need to collect for your appraisal.

All employers must provide better clinical governance systems, which can provide all support and information a doctor, might need while collecting supporting information. They must support any kind of doctor’s route to revalidation. Employer including responsible officers, appraisers and HR staff can also use this guidance to: 

  • Understand the supporting information that the GMC asked from doctors for revalidation and appraisals
  • Improve GMC’s appraisal systems and policies
  • Check if the employers have the right clinical governance systems for doctors such as clinical audits and complaint system. They must give doctors accessible setting to get supporting information they need for revalidation and appraisal.
  • Responses and feedback for their doctors (check for guidance about feedback in GMC website)

You can use additional guidance for specialties revalidation supporting information requirement from medical royal colleges and faculties. You can find this guidance on the Academy of Medical Royal colleges’ Website.