Doctor Revalidation - GMC

8th April 2016

Revalidation is a process where all licensed doctor demonstrate that they are up to date and fit to practise in their field and complying with professional standard healthcare set by the GMC. All licensed doctor needs to revalidate every five years to continue practising in the UK. Holding a license to practice indicates that the doctor is well informed of the professionals standard set by the GMC and well informed of latest update in their specialised field. Further more, it will to help doctor reflect regularly on Continued Professional Development (CPD) and its needs.

Revalidation is rather a formative developmental process that will assure a doctor’s fitness to practise recognizing areas for improvement. If a doctor’s practice is found not up-to-date as identified in annual appraisal process, will be offered remediation and support of a Personal Development Plan (PDP).

Annual Appraisal 

Revalidation is based on a doctor’s practice evaluation through annual appraisal at the practice hours. The employer clinical organisation governance system and the doctor’s senior doctor in the organisation i.e. the responsible officer are accountable for quality assurance of the appraisal. The responsible officer makes a recommendation based on the outcome of the doctor’s annual appraisals of those five years regarding his/her fitness to practice to the GMC.

The responsible officer should support doctors in every way possible so that doctors practice more effectively and efficiently adding safety and quality in the healthcare. The responsible officer must identify doctors whose practice needs attention at the early stage so that could make time to intervene and remediate with a PDP.

The GMC will decide whether to renew or not the doctor’s license after checking responsible officer’s recommendation and additional information.

The revalidation process requires the doctors to complete appraisals every year based on the GMC’s core guidance, Good Medical Practice. The five years evidence from those appraisals will be used to make recommendation to the GMC for the doctor’s revalidation.