Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

17th April 2016

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a terminology referred to a lifelong learning commitment in any sector of the society to maintain sustainability and competitive advantage in the profession. Generally, it is a folder or portfolio of documents and evidences of your professional development. CPD is a focused learning activity and methodology such as training workshops, events and conferences, learning programs, practices techniques and ideas of a professional.

In the UK, medical profession beholds a great significance in keeping CPD of those all staff who hold the profession. CPD is highly focused subject for all their medical staff to maintain and improve UK’s healthcare services through the development of knowledge, attitude, skill and behaviour.

There is not any fix or specific approach for CPD since it’s all about individual development to cope with the changing technologies, fast-changing patients and users’ needs and changing working environment. It is your duty to take part in those learning activities to keep up with skills and knowledge throughout their working life to further develop their professional competency and performance.

The medical profession regulatory body of UK, GMC for doctors and NMC for nurses and midwives, makes sure that the practices of those medical staff are up-to-date and of standard level. These councils set guidance to fulfil that duty and registration revalidation. The GMC and NMC tend to confirm your revalidation in every five and three years respectively.

The objectives as denoted by the council for their staff’s CPD are

  1. The quality of care given to patients and the public
  2. The team performance and standard of the services where you work

Importance of CPD

CPD trainings are upgrade to your undergraduate medical education and postgraduate trainings that reflect changes in practice, changes in patient care service and promoting professionalism.

It will help you analyse and respond to all kind of changes in workplace, ensures your professional update and fit to practice throughout your career

CPD activities are included in your annual appraisal that will show that you have met the requirements for revalidation according to the new Code.

It will help you in your career path selection along with your work satisfaction in your desired specialty.

Using CPD for your Revalidation

General Medical Council have asks for revalidation registration on every three years of the medical staffs of their renewal date. The registration revalidation confirms that your CPD is appropriate for work and that you are well updated and fit to practice. While revalidating, it also confirms your annual appraisal.

A confirmer will check all the documents and evidences for five reflective accounts of CPD as requirements for the revalidation. A confirmer confirms all the documents after discussing those documents with the applicant. During discussion, confirmer needs to take an account of your plan to develop or change your practice to enhance the quality and improvement.

For the annual appraisal, an appraiser will also confirm like the confirmer of all the documents and evidences after discussing with you.