10 Reasons Why Locum For You?

5th April 2016

Most medical personnel know the idea of locum tenens - temporary fill up of a vacant post for another. But found most of them are still unaware of how it works and could be beneficial to their careers.

Whether you are resident, mid-career physician, about to retire or semi retired physician, we believe being locum tenens could be a benefit. Here are some reasons why choose locum tenens.

  1. Extra Income

Locum tenens is a great way to supplement regular income for you and your family. You can pay off your school loans; earn capital to start a practice and also add up for your retirements. Locum tenens has a competitive pay and excellent mal practice coverage and mostly have transportation, lodging and licensing paid by the staffing company giving an extra top up.

  1. Filling the Gaps

There are times for starts and stops and different needs and wants in your career path. Paths are never straight. Locum tenens is an excellent choice to fill the gap between the ending of one job and beginning of another. Some use assignments to be near to their dear ones in a time of need. Many use locum tenens as a way to switch out of full-time work while continuing their practice. Some may need a short breaks to recover from a work burnout. Locum tenens shout out your need to break and revitalize yourself. Locum tenens is also helpful for women returning to work after a break from motherhood and raise family can find a easier way back to work while maintaining a flexible hours.

  1. Flexibility Over Your Schedule

Locum tenens control their own schedules and appointments. This allows the supreme freedom to take out as much time off as you like between your assignments. There are times you want to take off for yourself and your family; locum tenens provides that facility to schedule those contracts to meet your needs. Locum tenens works well for single parents who need time offs to spend time with their children.

  1. Improve Yourself

Locum tenens provide you with varied new work settings and different location with different co-workers and people. This gives a phenomenal opportunity to grow your self-confidence and interpersonal skills. This will constantly broaden you to new horizons with high adaptability and quick learning. And these qualities definitely add up to your resume.

  1. Nurture Your Business

Doctors who want to stay active clinically and also have time to promote their own business may find locum tenens as divine. Locum tenens gives all the opportunity, time and money that could help you in your business. You may meet different mentors while working as locum tenens at various work settings and have the opportunity to get help and valuable insights on nurturing your business.

  1. Test Drive A Job

Locum tenens as temporary assignments often serve as a working interview. This allows a locum to get to know the facility, staffs, work setting and community before accepting a full-time offer. Since there is no long-term commitment, you can always turn it down if you find you are not up for it. Mostly health care facilities give it in for utilizing locums is to find the right permanent candidate for the job. It gives the best of knowledge for both parties to analyse the job position.

  1. Freedom to pursue your other passions

A person belongs to lot of interests and passion. Doctor can have other passion that they care about. Locum tenens gives you and extra time to indulge your self in it. It gives super flexibility in your work. You can do anything you want with all that spare time you got. 

  1. Aid to Undeserved Areas

Locum tenens gives a vast opportunity to serve in rural and undeserved areas. They can be on the other side of the country or abroad licensed directly by most governments. Your assignment could be giving a full time staff member a little R and R to provide skills in small work settings or to see millions of patients in a rural place, locum tenens are welcomed heartedly with open hearts. This is a heavenly opportunity for every medical personnel to be good with an extra challenge and excitement to bring care to patients who might not get otherwise.

  1. You are Free to Explore Outside Interests

Your locum placement give and unlimited geographical opportunities along with all the recreational opportunities you can seek. Take an assignment of your desire and place that leads to the lifestyle that lets you try anything you like at that place and in your time. Love to ski? Book for Ski near Kent during winter for the slopes. Enjoy surfing? Take an assignment in London during summer months.

  1. Travel the country worry-free

As locum tenens you have the availability to take an assignment nationwide. Most staffing agency will provide you with migration support and travel logistics for locum tenens. Just tell your consultant which part of the country you would like to explore and your staffing agency will help you get there.